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It’s all a game! At TwogBiz we take gamification seriously as a modern tool to reach, engage and keep your audience. Our expert team in esports and gaming also specializes in the gamification of non-endemic products and services. We plan and execute the integration of gamification elements in optimize your product in order to put it ahead in the tight competition for loyal customers.

Furthermore we also collaborate with game publishers and developers to bring competitive game IPs into the esports space. Our goal is to enter partnerships in the very early stages, where crucial parts of the game, such as level design, format, balancing as well as choice of technologies is still in the making. Following those early steps we optimize IPs to interact with all vital key actors in the ecosystem, such as betting, media, data analytics, platforms and more.

Those key elements, paired with a solid publisher policy is the key to success for any competitive game in today’s conditions. Our team has experienced, designed and interacted with all the IPs throughout the last decades and we want to replicate that success with new IPs.



Nikklas Timmerman

Coach and Manager,
Team Sprout

We really enjoyed our time at the Play2Live Crypto Masters and had a state of the art 360° service by the TwogNation team. We would really like to thank everyone involved for the great event. Keep the good work up!


Anton "ToH1o" Georgiev

Coach and Manager,
Team Windigo

Thank you for having us and looking forward to compete again! Also hotel was good as well. Perfect food!


Dmitry "spirit" Veko

Coach and Manager,
Team Goodjob

We are grateful to the organizers of the event for their professionalism and care. We liked everything: food, accommodation, technical part and the tournament itself. Good job, guys!


Jaroslaw "tgrs" Smietana

Managing Partner,
Team AGO

In general we are glad from your event - it was great on organizational level, also hotel was really good.


Petar "peca" Markovic

Team Valiance

We are overall very pleased with the tournament organized by TwogNation and we are looking forward for your future events. Hospitality was on point and we felt like we are at home. We were especially happy with the stage setup you guys thought of, as our players could warm-up on time, due to the fact that you had 20 PCs ready on stage. The Administrator team done their job flawlessly and they made sure that every question we had got answered on time.


Christian Lenz

Chief Gaming Officer,
Bigleet GmbH

Even if we didn't qualify for the final we had a very smooth tournament. Good flight connection, very good hotel and shuttle service to the venue. Admins were very helpfull with all kind of communication and problems.

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